Monday, September 7, 2009

Incipient Snowflake

This first attempt at designing with software turned out rather well. Which is why the name, Incipient.

I used size 20 Manuela color #201 and 84 silver lined clear Delica beads. Additional beads can be added to the pattern in places of your choosing.

CTM 2 shuttles with beads on shuttle 2

sh1= shuttle 1

sh2= shuttle 2

sws= switch shuttles

R = Ring

CH = Chain

RW= Reverse Work

b = bead

AJ = Alligator join – pass one thread in front and one thread behind existing element


Rnd 1: start at the red arrow on the diagram

*sh2 R 3b3b1b1b1b1b3b3 do not rw

ch 10-3 rw

sws sh1 R 6-6-6 rw

sh2 ch 3+10 do not rw* repeat 5 times for a total of 6 rings and chains. Join last chain to the base of the first ring. Do not cut

Rnd 2:

AJ *RW ch10 RW

R 3b3b1b1b1b1b3b3 rw

ch 10 AJ* repeat 5 times for a total of 6 rings and chains. Join last ch to base of beginning ring.

VERSION B: substitute Self Closing Mock Rings for rings on round 1

VERSION C : start at the red arrow with a paper clip on the thread to create a small picot to join to later. Replace all rings in round 1 with small picots and move rings to round 2, use regular lock joins in round 2 instead of alligator joins.

Note: this design has a tendency to cup while tatting and needs to be blocked to lay flat, the cupping actually worked in my favor as I intended it for an ornament

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