Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rosary Pattern

this picture is correct
2001.04.01   I just received an email from Riet pointing out that 2 of my pictures of my rosary are missing a ring. and so is my pattern.  Thank you Riet, I will have to get that corrected. 

In the mean time,  please correct the beginning of the pattern to read: (pattern change is in red)
SR: 8/8 cl 
SR: 7-1/7-1 CL
SH1:R:1+14-1 CL RW
SH2:R:1+14-1 CLl RW
SR:1+7/1+7 CL
SR:8/8 CL
SR:8/8 CL for 3 rings
SR:8/8 CL

 thank you Riet

Wow, more then a year since I posted a pattern.
in response to a request, I realized that this pattern is not available online, so...

Here is the link to my ROSARY pattern. it is in pdf format.

This Pattern was designed by Jeanne L. Lugert - Ladytats.You may print and use this pattern for your own use, and link to this blog on your blog, but please ask permission before distributing this printed pattern to others.