Monday, July 27, 2009

SCMR Ruffled Butterfly on paperclip

Ruffled SCMR Butterfly paperclip

by Jeanne L. Lugert (ladytats)


I tatted the above in Size 20 Thread
Large Paperclip

SCMR = Self Closing Mock Ring click on link for instructions
R = ring
CH = chain
[#VS #~#] = Victorian set stitch of #first half~#second half (example; [4VS 4~4] would be 4 groups of 4 first half then 4 second half)
SR = Split Ring #/#
- = very small joining picot
+ = join
It is assumed that you know the basics of tatting and all rings in this pattern are closed completely. There is no reverse work needed in this pattern.

leave 1' of thread to finger tat the SCMR chain

ch 2
r 1[4VS 4~4] 1-1
ch 2
r 1+1 [2VS 4~4] ++ to paperclip twice 3
ch 2
r 5
ch 2
r 3++to paperclip twice [2VS 4~4] 1-1
ch 2
r 1+1[4VS 4~4] 1
ch 2
close SCMR
SR 3/3

tie overhand knots in the thread ends for antennae and cut

the idea for this pattern was based on patterns by Ellen Lai posted on the online tatting class lesson website

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daisy Picot Stars

Tiny Tatted Star with Beads

This pattern calls for Daisy Picots you can find the instructions on the web. Jane Eboral has instructions on her website

The star in the picture is made with size 30 thead and Czech glass seed beads size 11/0. The center of the star is a clear rainbow fringe seed bead from

DS= double stitch

DP= daisy picot

**=repeat between *'s number of times

load 15 seed beads on your thread. You can then wind about 2 feet of thread and the beads onto another shuttle, but I prefer to tie a small knot in the end of the thread and letting the beads dangle on about 18" of thread and finger tat the Daisy Picots.

Wrap your hand for a ring and tat 1 DS with your shuttle.

Let the shuttle dangle and do a DP of 3,3beads,3 lay thread over back of hand

pick up shuttle

*2 DS let shuttle dangle pick up thread and finger tat DP 3,3beads,3 lay thread over back of hand * repeat 3 times for a total of 5 Daisy Picots

1 DS

close ring and tie ends of threads together.

I used a full length flower stem wire size 28 gauge, doubled it and put the fringe bead on it at the bend. Then twisted the wire together into a stem. The stem was put through the center ring of the star and a spot of hotglue was put on the stem just below the fringe bead to hold the star together. The thread ends were then cut very close to the knot as the glue held it all together.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tiny Beaded Flowers

These flowers are very simple.
Just 5 rings.

The thread used for these flowers is a silk pearl size 12 but any thread will do.
use size of beads that will fit your thread
load 20 beads on the shuttle thread
cl=close ring
[ ]=work between * number of times
put 4 beads on the working thread around your hand
R 3-2b1b1b2-3 cl, the 4th bead will be at the bottom of the ring
*R 3+2b1b1b2-3 cl* [3]
R 3+2b1b1b2+3 cl and tie ends together