Monday, July 27, 2009

SCMR Ruffled Butterfly on paperclip

Ruffled SCMR Butterfly paperclip

by Jeanne L. Lugert (ladytats)


I tatted the above in Size 20 Thread
Large Paperclip

SCMR = Self Closing Mock Ring click on link for instructions
R = ring
CH = chain
[#VS #~#] = Victorian set stitch of #first half~#second half (example; [4VS 4~4] would be 4 groups of 4 first half then 4 second half)
SR = Split Ring #/#
- = very small joining picot
+ = join
It is assumed that you know the basics of tatting and all rings in this pattern are closed completely. There is no reverse work needed in this pattern.

leave 1' of thread to finger tat the SCMR chain

ch 2
r 1[4VS 4~4] 1-1
ch 2
r 1+1 [2VS 4~4] ++ to paperclip twice 3
ch 2
r 5
ch 2
r 3++to paperclip twice [2VS 4~4] 1-1
ch 2
r 1+1[4VS 4~4] 1
ch 2
close SCMR
SR 3/3

tie overhand knots in the thread ends for antennae and cut

the idea for this pattern was based on patterns by Ellen Lai posted on the online tatting class lesson website

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